How to Be More Productive – and Make Life Simpler

It’s a new year and time to put your intentions of becoming more productive this year into action!


How many times have we made a plan to be productive and it’s fallen apart?

Or, how many times have we begun a new year with the intention of putting into action our resolution to be more organized and get more accomplished in the coming year?

The first thing you have to do is to make a plan, but you can’t stop there!

You must implement that plan!

Did you make a plan for this year?

If not, stop right now and do it!

Just do it!

That is the first step to being more productive.


“You plan to fail if you fail to plan.”


Now, I am a pretty organized person. I like things to be in their place. I’m not too OCD (I don’t think), but I do like my world to have clarity and space. 🙂

However, one of the things I’ve never been good at is writing down a plan of action of how I wanted to accomplish whatever goal I’ve set for myself. I’m good at saying I want to accomplish this and that, or make something happen. But, when it comes to writing it down…well, I guess I just didn’t want to be that accountable, or something.

Just being transparent here. lol


I have done a lot of personal development this past year, and I’ve chosen to think and act with a millionaire mindset. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m a millionaire (yet), but I’ve chosen to think outside my box and stretch myself beyond where I’ve been before.


I created my own DMO (daily method of operation) a few years ago. Here’s the video of how I did it. However, things in my life can be fairly fluid, as I’m sure in your own, so this has definitely changed since this video was recorded. 🙂



Put your plan of action in motion and watch as you create the most productive environment you’ve ever dreamed possible.


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