The Value of Multiple Income Streams for Virtual Assistants

How important is it for a VA to have multiple income streams?



That’s a question that I’m sure a lot of virtual assistants have pondered but may not have pursued to find the answer.

I found these interesting analogies today while doing some reading, and I felt they make the case for multiple income streams very clear.


A good hunter always has more than one gun.

A true fisherman has multiple lures and fishing-poles.

A successful farmer has several tractors, fields and animals.

And lakes have multiple tributaries.

Do you see the connection?

We as VAs are part of a system of entrepreneurs who have figured out that working on our own schedule and time frame is the best way to make an income. However, we sometimes get caught up in trying to gain clients for our VA business that we don’t realize there are other sources of income out there we could be utilizing to help us with our VA business.

I’ve been a seller on for a while as a way to not only create another source of income but also to get a bit more exposure. I must say, it’s a lot of fun! I’m doing something I love to do while increasing my client base in a totally different way.

Sometimes, you just have to think outside the box to create multiple income streams!

Do you have an extra income stream? Share it with us!





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